So, what’s your pick: Holmes, Einstein or Watson?

What is in a name? Try telling that to AI platform makers

Artifical Intelligence is the flavor of the season. We do not yet know if they will hold on to their promise of changing the way we live and work. But they have ushered in some creativity among big tech companies. The first battle is being fought in naming of the platforms.
Wipro has just launched its AI platform, HOLMES. No, it is not a response to IBM’s Watson, as the Big Blue’s AI platform is named after its founder CEO Thomas J Watson, and not the Baker Street roommate of the greatest fictional detective ever.
Not to be left behind, Salesforce has decided to call its AI platform, Einstein.
Infosys too has gone out of box for the nomenclature. Though it has not chosen a scientist or philosopher, it has not gone for a typical business cliché either. The Bangalore-based company has chosen a Sanskrit word, Mana, meaning mind, for its AI platform.  
Going by the creativity of IBM, Wipro, Infosys and Salesforce, TCS’ Ignio and Accenture’s myWizards look pretty run-of-the-mill.
If you are planning to launch an AI platform, Aryabhatta, Archimedes and Newton are still up for grabs. 

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