Modi's Equation: IT + IT = IT

Modi bets on talent and technology

If prime minister Narendra Modi is a gifted slogan coiner, it was fully evident during the speech he delivered while activating the Integrated Case Management Information System, available on the Supreme Court website. “IT+IT = IT” was the equation the PM proposed to the audience. The ‘IT’s stand for Information Technology, Indian Talent and India Tomorrow respectively.

Modi said India’s future is dependent on its talent and the right use of technology.

The ICMIS marks the introduction of digital filing – a step towards paperless Supreme Court. He specifically mentioned Artificial Intelligence as a high-impact technology that could have newer possibilities.

Though media has played it up as a new slogan, Modi has used the same slogan quite a few times when he was the chief minister of Gujarat. Here is one such video that shows him proclaiming IT+IT=IT

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