Most Indians opt for female chatbots: Survey

40% Indians prefer polite, not sounding serious or posh female chatbots

Most Indians opt for female chatbots: Survey - CIO&Leader

Over 40% of Indian consumers prefer Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbots to be female who are polite, not sounding serious or posh, a new survey has revealed.

The survey, commissioned by Amdocs -- a global software and services provider -- showed that more than half (53%) of consumers prefer their chatbots to look like a human, since human agents better understand their needs (82%) and can take multiple questions at once (62%). 

This is because chatbots cannot deal with complex requests, understand human emotions or deliver personalised offers as well as humans.

Further, 43% consumers said they prefer chatbots to be female, rather than male (21%) and exhibit personality traits such as sounding polite, caring and intelligent, as well as sounding younger and funnier as opposed to sounding serious and posh. 

"Consumers have a good sense of how bots can serve them, better developed than perhaps the industry's. Their level of frustration with today's bots is striking," General Manager at Amdocs Gary Miles said in a statement on Wednesday. 

For the study, over 1,022 female and male consumers between the ages of 18 to 74, gave their critical judgment on the use of AI for customer care and commerce. 

The consumers complained hat the current chatbots struggle with their complex requests, do not deliver personalised offers and lack human attributes.

Moreover, the survey also revealed that service providers are not investing in the right areas in terms of their AI investments. 

83% are prioritizing AI investment in increasing speed of response and 50% in information security and privacy. 

However, customers seek better personalisation or more comprehensive information in the chatbots.

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