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CIO&Leader Tweet Chat - CIO&Leader Tweet Chat - Artificial Intelligence: Rewards and Risks

The whole of last year was about "AI this and AI that". This year isn't any different. We will continue to hear about AI's achievement in business and in the workplace. IT leaders are at the center of this shift. They are aware that the risks and rewards of AI go hand in hand. AI will create new jobs, but it will also take a few of them away. It will drive the rise of smart machines but it will also compel leaders and their organizations to address ethical issues surrounding AI? 


To discover some interesting insights from the Indian IT leaders, we invite you and your leadership team to join us for a tweet chat and represent your organization, as our speakers, technology influencers and senior IT leaders share their insights and experiences with you.


Given below are the tweet chat summary for your ready reference:


Topic: Artificial Intelligence: Risks and Rewards

Date: Thursday, 17th from 4:00 - 5 P.M

Tweet Hashtag #AIandBeyond


Some questions for the tweet chat are given below:

  • What has been AI's impact your business/organization?
  • What are your concerns around implementing AI in your organization? 
  • Are other LOBs using AI in your company? Is that a big challenge?
  • How do you believe AI's adoption will bring greater ROI for business? 

As a part of this tweet chat, you may use the hashtag #AIandBeyond for tweeting your queries and the question or respective answer number (e.g. Q1/A1). Be a part of this fascinating conversation on twitter with leaders from across the IT community and share answers to the most important questions probing the IT leaders today.


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