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Are you investing in the future?

By Sana Khan

Added 26 August 2012

CIOs are moving from cost cutting measures to raising IT productivity for an agile enterprise.


CIOs haven't ever had it easy. Whether it is making IT a strong enabler of business, getting faster returns on technology investments or choosing the right technologies - a CIOs task has always been tricky. Tackling technology budget cuts has only made the task more daunting.

CIOs who successfully fought the downturn are now getting back to growing their business. And to support that growth, they are looking for light-weight, easy-to-manage technologies that dont require huge upfront capital commitment.

Our research proves that CIOs in 2010 will seriously look at adopting new technologies such as virtualisation, cloud computing, collaboration, unifed communications, mobile computing, etc. The shift from huge, cumbersome and complex technologies to easy-to-implement, fexible technologies marks CIOs plans to lead an agile enterprise that is fully in sync with business goals. These technologies, if implemented rightly, can create many opportunities for the technology teams to take the operational performance of the enterprise to the next level.

Very clearly, CIOs are moving from cost-cutting measures to those that help raise IT productivity. IT leaders are working to get more value from their existing resources, and this requires strategic investments in new technologies.

To help CIOs make an informed decision, we decided to seek information from where all the action begins. We reached out to the CTOs/Research Lab Heads of some of the leading edge technology vendors and took a sneak peek into their technology roadmaps.

During this mammoth exercise, we were fortunate to get an opportunity to speak to the Global CTOs of technology bigwigs like Microsoft, VMware, Symantec and HP. The rest were in a class of their own too. We spoke to the India Research Lab Heads of Cisco and IBM to know their plans. The outcome was fabulous. We are delighted to present the roadmaps of some of these global technology giants which will help you invest in technologies of the future.

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