Who are India’s Most Social CIOs on Twitter?

Twitter is just beginning to be explored as a social media platform by Indian CIOs

Twitter is not the favorite social media platform for Indian CIOs. But as the era of open communication and professional knowledge and idea sharing dawns in, a few Indian CIOs are now embracing Twitter—by far the most open social media platform.

If presence is synonymous with having an account, then a significant number of Indian CIOs are on Twitter, having opened an account, some of them as early as in 2008 or 2009.  Unfortunately, most of them have not tweeted for last 3-4 years. They are not active.

We looked for the CIOs for all the top 50 most valuable companies as well as for more than 260 other selected CIOs and came up with a list of about 50 Indian CIOs who are have an account on Twitter and have been active at any time (tweeted at least once).

To come up with the list, we took just two parameters—number of followers and activity in the last 30 days. We believe as business leaders, just following and reading news on Twitter does not qualify for an activity. So, we considered number of tweets in last 30 days to be a measure how active they are.

Going by the number of tweets in the last 30 days, they were classified into six categories: Super Active (more than 50 tweets in last 30 days), Active (Between 31-50 tweets in last 30 days), Fairly Active (Between 11-30 tweets in last 30 days), Mildly Active (Between 1-10 tweets in last 30 days) and Inactive (no tweets in last 30 days). For the purpose of the study, we did not take into account those accounts that have restricted access to tweets.

For the study, we considered only those CIOs who are working as CIOs now. So, the most followed CIO, Arun Gupta, with close to 2,000 followers—the only one with a four digit follower number—was not considered. Going by our methodology of activity and followers, he would have featured right at the No 2 position. Another ex-CIO who switched sides just a few days back—Hitesh K Arora—would have also featured in the list. Sunil Aradhye, who very recently quit as the RPG Group CIO, would have been another contender.

Aneesh Nair, the CIO of NDTV E-commerce (@aneeshnair), emerges as the most social Indian CIO on Twitter.

We present a list of 7 most social Indian CIOs on Twitter.

As you can seen, the list has no direct correlation with either the age profile of the users nor with the industries they work on. While Aneesh and Anjani are from among the young brigade, we have the veterans like Anwer Bagdadi also among the most social CIOs. While Aneesh is from the less than half-a-decade old e-commerce industry, Jagdish Belwal is from one of the oldest manufacturing companies in India—Tata Motors.

Finally, it is not a very impressive list. Not any CIO has more than 1000 followers. And India has a lot of people. And a lot of them are into IT.  But this is just the beginning. We will do it periodically if there is a need.

One disclaimer; though we have gone through more than 300 profiles, we still do not claim it to be the perfec listt. We will like to be pointed out if we have missed any CIO. We will add them if they qualify. 


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Anwer Bagdadi's picture

Twitter is very active media and takes sometime to understand the way it operates. Once you understand the same it is very powerful and allows wide connectivity. I have been very happy wih my exposure

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