Now, even WEF is set to discuss IoT impact

WEF’s annual meeting focuses on what is calls fourth industrial revolution, the meeting of cyber and physical space.

If you think IoT is just your top agenda item for this year, think again. The technology that is making the physical and digital world meet has contributed to shaping the theme of what is arguably the world’s most influential congregation of thought leaders—the annual World Economic Forum meet at Davos, Switzerland.


Yes, the 46th WEF annual meeting  that is starting tomorrow has selected the theme, Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  


"The Fourth Industrial Revolution refers to the fusion of technologies across the physical, digital and biological worlds which is creating entirely new capabilities and dramatic impacts on political, social and economic systems," says Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. Learning how humankind can benefit from this revolution, while addressing its challenges, is the central theme for this year’s Meeting.


WEF says some questions that will be discussed include: how will this shift transform industry sectors, including health, mobility, financial services and education? How can technology be deployed in ways that contribute to inclusive growth rather than exacerbate unemployment and income inequality? How can breakthroughs in science and technology help in solving problems of the global commons from climate change to public health? How will emerging technologies transform the global security landscape? How can governments build institutions capable of making decisions when the challenges they face are more complex, fast-moving and interconnected than ever before?


Business and technology leaders such Jack Ma Yun, Executive Chairman, Alibaba Group; Nathan Blecharczyk, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Airbnb; Ya-qin Zhang, President,; John Chambers, Executive Chairman, Cisco; Michael Dell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dell; Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board, Facebook Inc.; Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Alphabet, USA; and Meg Whitman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise will be among those who will participate in the discussion around the theme. 

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