The most followed Indian CIOs on Twitter

Have the Indian CIOs finally woken up to the Twitter opportunity?

Six months back, CIO&Leader compiled the India’s first ever list of most active CIOs on Twitter. The story is still the most popular story of all time on our website. Along with the ranking, we also asked why were Indian CIOs shy of Twitter?

While most CIOs are very active on Facebook, that is restricted to photo sharing of events, trophies and certificates—when it comes to community activities. But Twitter is all about discussion—some meaningful, some absurd, some useful, some useless, but discussions nevertheless.  It is all about open communication with the world—a trait that is increasingly being sought among technology leaders who, in a hyperconnected world, are supposed to work in tandem with business executives.

The good news is, in these six months, there is a marked change in CIOs’ outlook towards Twitter. Not only are more CIOs opening Twitter accounts, they are using it extensively—to share interesting insights, offer their comments and opinions and even initiating discussions.  Not surprisingly, their follower numbers are swelling. In the last six months, all our top ‘social CIOs’ have seen the follower numbers increasing significantly—between 50% to 600%.

As we present our April 2016 list of #TopIndianCIOsOnTwitter, there are many positives we will like to share. In October, there was not a single CIO with followers in four digits. Now, there are three. There were eight CIOs with more than 300 followers.  That number is today more than twenty.

At that time, we had to add a parameter—number of tweets in the last one month—to gauge how active they are on Twitter. Now, that is a hygiene factor and all those with large followers are fairly active. So, we dropped that as a criterion.

More than just followers and number of tweets, what is heartening to note is that almost all top CIOs in our list are part of more than 100 lists in Twitter, some based on technology topics, some leadership topics and some simply community lists.

Yes, to complete the story, some facts about our April 2016 list vis-à-vis our October 2015 list. While most of them who featured in October are there still, the relative positions have changed. Anjani Kumar, who featured at No 6 position in the October list is now the new topper of the list.

There’s just one member of the October list who has dropped out—but for a technical reason. The sole woman in the list in October, Alpna J Doshi, is out as she is technically no more an ‘Indian’ CIO. She has moved to Europe.  There are two new entries—Sunil Varkey, CISO of Wipro and Chandresh Dedhia, CIO of Fermenta Biotech. NDTV E-commerce (Indian Roots) CIO Aneesh Nair, who topped the October list, through his account @aneeshnair has been included based on followers of that account. Meanwhile, Aneesh started another account and he has more followers on that account: @aneeshndtv. Based on ranking of that account, he would featured at No 2 and not No 3.   

The list of eight has CIOs, all of which have more than 500 followers. are from various industries, belong to various age groups and have been in Twitter for different time periods. So, diversity is not an issue.

Our research may not be comprehensive. We will be grateful if you can point to any CIO we may have missed out, who based on number of followers, should feature in the list.

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Please note that you have mentioned Mr. Belwal's surname incorrectly. His surname is Mr. Belwal and not Belawal.

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Thanks. It was a typo. Changed it

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Also, this list could have been like Top10 list including the Twitter active members like @kamalkarnatak & one more.

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