Digitalization of internal workplace communication leads to better output – study

Most of the communications tools used by companies are not effectively utilized

Work habits, in the context of new technological changes, is changing across the world. This has brought in new challenges and opportunities for internal communications teams. Nearly half (48%) respondents in a survey of 250 communications professionals said “companies need to rethink about digital workplace communications.”


The 2016 Digital Workplace Communications Survey, conducted by the Employee Communications Section of Public Relation Society of America and a mobile based application - APPrise Mobile, revealed that almost all organizations (97%) use e-mail as mode of communication for both company to employee and peer to peer communication. Though 90% of respondents said communications via mobile application are most effective,  only14% organizations use that. On the other hand, 41% employees use this mode of communication daily.


No single mode of communication was found to be fit to cover all types of communication. About 35% of organizations resorted to SMS services in times of crise; some 61% respondents found it to be very effective. For sharing company related information including news, events, branding etc, 38% organizations chose social media, while 42% employees used this mode of communication on daily basis and 64% thought it to be effective.


Email and intranet, the most widely used communication tools used to share information throughout the globe are used by 90% and 75% of the firms respectively, as per the study. But none of the two is used effectively as per the communication experts. Most effective, marked by the communication professionals were – Mobile applications (90%), Social Media (64%) and SMS (61%). But all three of them were placed down the ladder in terms of actual use, having 41%, 42% and 39% employees using them on daily basis.



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