Microsoft launches cyber security center in India

Microsoft cyber security engagement center in Gurgaon will use algorithms to enable enterprise to have tailored digital secure ecosystems.

Microsoft has launched Cyber Security Engagement Center (CSEC) in Gurgaon, India. The CSEC, as per Microsoft is an initiative to drive public-private partnerships to fight cyber crime. The Gurgaon center is one of the seven centers globally to provide secure digital ecosystems for enterprise.


These centers will use a proprietary algorithm that will learn from organizational entities (users, devices, and resources) and helps customers adapt to the changing nature of cyber security attacks. The algorithm is called Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics.


The center will also help prevent malware attacks in an email environment, strengthening security and protection against the growing threat of identity frauds and business email frauds.


Microsoft will also offer advisory security services to enterprise for a secure digital infrastructure. The CSEC will leverage Microsoft’s DCU Cyber Threat Intelligence Program that monitors and analyze malware infections; provide malware threat assessment and provide actionable information and intelligence for select IP infrastructures shared by its customers on a non-commercial basis.


CSEC will combine the company’s technical proficiency as well as cutting-edge tools and technology to reduce digital risks. It will work with the National Cyber security Coordinator as well as the CERT-India and share information to help reduce malware and digital risk in the country.



An India-based response team will offer cyber monitoring, use machine learning based detection technology to ensure response and resolution to cyber threats to enterprise. The unit will provide unique, tailored solutions to help enterprises monitor, analyze and prioritize threats within their environments.


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