Security seen as top challenge by IoT developers: Report

Analytics is the primary focus for IoT developers

Security is seen as the top challenge by Internet of Things developers globally, according to a new research by Evans Data Corporation. 

Over 46% of developers cited security as the primary challenge facing development and adoption of IoT while interoperability was a distant second, cited by 28%. 

When it came to security mechanisms currently being implemented in IoT projects, the top one selected was Cloud access security control, cited by 46%, and VM monitoring for threat detection, 45%. These were ranked significantly higher than endpoint threat detection or machine readable threat information.

Apart from security, Big Data is consuming most of developers’ time. Analytics is one of the prime focus areas of IoT developers; it also helps them achieve real-time security analytics as per the study. According to the research, 79% of IoT developers spend at least 25% time with analytics.

Apart from big data and security key focus areas of IoT developers were marked by EDC to be firmware, middleware etc.

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