Businesses are unprepared for digital: Gartner

Skill deficiency is one of the key reasons for the fallback. Businesses are still not well prepared for cloud technology despite knowing that it will be the biggest sole driver of digital.

IT organisations are unprepared for the ‘digital’ that will redefine the IT businesses in coming two years. As per the latest survey conducted by Gartner, 59% of IT organisations are unprepared for the digital business of the next two years.

Skills deficits in both technological and non-technological areas is restricting businesses to accept digital despite high-end efforts.

The top skills gaps, according to the survey, are in the following arenas:


  1. New technologies of cloud and data and analytics
  2. Gaps in general technical skills indicating a lack of broad technology in the fields of security, legacy modernization, mobility and the Internet of Things.
  3. Effectiveness skills, namely critical thinking/problem solving, business acumen/knowledge and communication skills

Cloud and analytics, says Gartner, will be the most influential in the next 18 months. IT professionals identified cloud as the technology that will have the single-biggest impact on their career in 2016, followed by data and analytics. Yet, IT professionals reported a huge skill gap in cloud and analytics as the primary issue.

Emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, mobility and data and analytics, in addition to security and risk management, are permeating nearly every aspect of the IT landscape, as per the survey.

CIOs will have to work with CEOs to turn technology into a scalable digital business, according to Gartner. Gartner demonstrated Concept — Capabilities — Assets — Research to be the framework that CIOs can use to explain the concept of an industry vision and to engage their colleagues in creating one. 

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