'Digitization is not a CIO's job'

CIOandLeader2016 conference discussed digitization and CIOs' role in it. This is what one of the experts had to say

Even as CIOs, CMOs and other CXOs debate it out who is best suited to anchor the digital journey, here is a contrariran view from the tech camp. "Digitization is not just a CIOs job", says RN Mohanty, CTO at Pidilite Industries.  


Speaking in the sidelines of the just concluded 17th Annual CIO & Leader Conference at Goa, Mohanty said It is high time organisations realize that this is NOT the right approach to digitization. "We put everything on CIO but digitization is not just a CIO’s job.” he says. Mohanty is a veteran who has been in the industry for decades.


Digitization, as per Mohanty, is not limited to technology only and as much as 95% of digitization falls outside of IT domain and needs “proper people” to deal with it. It affects whole of the organization and hence, “domain experts from different arenas need to be bought in to have digitization in real sense.” shares Mohanty. Digitization, as per the CTO is for “survival” and it has far way to go and to reach the goal aimed by organizations, the need is to “create awareness, especially amongst CXOs”.

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