Proves criticality of tech infra, need for better DR: Indian CIOs on Delta outage

Indian CIOs react to CIO&Leader question on Twitter.

Indian CIOs reacted to the news of Delta Airlines' masive operational disruption because of a tech outage by primarily highlighting two things: One, the incident just proves how critical is IT infrastructure today. 

This is a case of CIOs' worst nightmare coming true, said Nilesh Sangoi, CTO of Meru Cab Company. "Business' dependence on tech is massive,' he said in answer to a question directed at him by CIO&Leader on Twitter. Kamal Karnatak, Group CIO, RJ Corp was more scathing. "Shows unpreparedness in terms of DR/BCP," he said.

Here are some of the tweets in response to CIO&Leader's specific question to CIOs on Twitter: As a CIO, what is your reaction to the Delta Airlines incident. CIO&Leader, which has been promoting open dialogues among CIOs using social media platforms, especially Twitter, posed the question marking CIOs active on Twitter.


Nilesh Sangoi, CTO, Meru Cab Company


Kamal Karnatak, Group CIO, RJ Corp


TG Dhandapani, CIO, TVS Motors


Darshan Appayana, Chief Information, Security & Knowledge Officer, Happiest Minds

Aneesh Nair, CIO, NDTV E-commerce
Ashok Jade, CIO, Shalimar Paints


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