Mobility a Catalyst of Positive Change and Challenge in the Enterprise

chose your own device to replace, bring your own device, as 74% of enterprises in US already offer or plan to offer CYOD or BYOD

Mobile devices and application usage continues to expand, challenging IT to optimize the balance between mobile device and application management, security and facilitation of new mobile application deployments. Disparate and integrated mobile technology choices abound, mirroring the varied deployment schemes seen in enterprises today, according to a recent survey of Enterprise IT decision makers in the U.S. by IDC.


A majority of (67%) the largest enterprises see the value of using third party management in part or all of their enterprise mobility strategies. Yet, security issues and cost overruns persist in a number of enterprise deployments of mobile devices and applications.


Research shows that 74% of organizations in the U.S. either already offer, or plan to offer a ‘Choose Your Own Device’ (CYOD) program for employees in the coming year, citing that ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) programs are both difficult to manage and to secure.


Despite these issues, 65% of enterprise organizations plan to increase their mobility spending over the next year, with a heavy emphasis on purchasing mobile devices for employees, as well as application security and content security solutions.


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