Indian business have a better data culture than their other Asian counterparts

Most of the credit for Indian business’ data and digital goes to its investment on workforce

India has one of the best 'data cultures' in Asia. As many as 68% of Indian business leaders say they are readt a data-driven digital strategy for digital transfoormation, according to a new study by Microsoft. This is way above the Asian average of 43%, according to the study, titled Asian Data Culture Study 2016. 


Better workforce: Most of India's strength is derived from quality of its workforce. Indian businesses have better workforce than those in rest of Asia. The Indian workforce is tech-savvy, young and quick to learn. Businesses have also reported to be spending a lot on the ‘learning’ aspect of their workforce. Nearly, three forth (74%) of business organizations in India (against the Asian average of mere 42%) have employees with ‘relevant skills’ to combine data to help identify business outcomes.


Better governace Data governance plan, data security policies and collaboration are the priorities of Indian businesses are also ranked way better than its counterparts. As per the study, 70% of Indian organisations having a clear data security policy that would prevent unauthorised leakage and threats and 71% of Indian business have a clear data governance plan to guide ownership, storage and use of data.


Infrastructure a priority: When it comes to infrastructure, India does not lead. Indian organizations (88%) are slightly behind the rest of Asia (89%). Indian organisations (62%) are confident about their existing data infrastructure in scalable with business growth. Majority of Indian (72%) business are using data to predict future trends, which further gives them an edge.


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