Narrow AI will dominate AI applications for some time: Research

AI will impact all industries, says the whitepaper by Tractica

Narrow Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, which are used to solve specific problems, will dominate AI application in the next 10 years, accounting for 99.5% of AI revenue between 2016 to 2025, according to a new white paper published by Tractica.

The white paper says deep learning—a form of machine learning that uses neural networks, which mimic how neurons behave in the brain—will be the major application of AI, accounting for 44% of the AI revenue. Machine learning and natural language processing will be the other top application areas of AI.

The firm analyzed more than 200 use cases to forecast that the market will be a two tier top heavy-long tailed AI ecosystem, in which big technology players, such as Google, IBM, Microsoft and Facebook will focus on core areas to enhance AI capability and work on scalable use cases like image processing, while smaller players will work on niche applications.

AI, the firm says, will impact almost all industries but forecasts that advertising, consumer industries, finance/investment will lead the deployment in revenue terms.

The white paper identifies 10 key trends in AI, which are as follows:

  • AI implementations will be focused on incremental improvements in the short-term, but its transformative potential should not be ignored
  • Virtually all AI implementations will be narrow AI
  • Deep learning will be the most important AI technology
  • Semi-supervised AI will gain traction
  • A top-heavy and long-tail ecosystem is emerging for AI
  • The era of GPU dominance in the AI market will end
  • AI will impact almost every industry
  • Human perception is a bigger driver for AI than Big Data
  • Professional services is the next big emerging opportunity in AI
  • AI czars will be part of government by 2020



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