Machine learning will have a considerable impact in 2017: Chander Khanduja, CIO, Luminous India

Chander Khanduja, CIO, Luminous India, in conversation with Sachin Nandkishor Mhashilkar, Director-Community Engagement, CIO&Leader, on the impact of IoT in 2017

Tell us about the implementation that you have done at Luminous in 2016.

Luminous started its digital journey three years back. We created short milestones during this journey. 2016 was the turnaround year for our manufacturing plants. We have seven manufacturing plants at Luminous and we are keen to see the type of digital journey the plants will go through. Supply chain and manufacturing were our two major focus areas. We embedded IoT in our manufacturing plants whereby we are able to get live data from machines and we can analyze the cycle times and down times. This gives us a lot of visibility. In the past, we have been dependent on people to report back to us. No more. We are extremely pleased with the results and taking IoT to all seven manufacturing plants. This project stands tall among all the projects. We have also implemented IoT in all our products.

We also launched connected inverters. These are IoT devices in our solar inverters. The data is sent to Azure cloud and is available through a mobile application to customers for their understanding. We can answer questions such as what kind of battery back-up the inverter is now capable of providing in case the power goes off as well as information on the available back-up time.


Give one example of a technology benefit that you see as a greater benefit for customers, distributors and partners, and helped your P&L?  

One of the examples is customer-service mobile-based application integrated with our CRM. Earlier, we used to handle 2-3 lakh calls during the season. It is very important for us to ensure a greater customer satisfaction for our dealers and distributors. We have a separate application for dealers.  We are saving a lot of money and there is complete visibility between the end customer and the dealer in terms of when the call can be attended. Hence, customer satisfaction is paramount for us.


Tell us about the technology trends that will impact the year 2017.

In 2016, people are toying with IoT. I can see the cost of sensors coming down drastically in 2017.  Lot of devices will also be connected in 2017. Machine learning will also have a considerable impact. 

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