RSA launches new program to help customers manage risk better

RSA Archer Ignition Program combines use cases, quick launch services and education services

RSA, a Dell Technologies business, announced the availability of the RSA Archer Ignition Program to help customers jump start their risk management programs. The Use Cases, Quick Launch Services and Education Services in the new RSA Archer package are engineered to allow risk, compliance and security professionals to streamline and accelerate the implementation of fundamental components that  manage business risk and enable Business-Driven SecurityTM strategies.


The RSA Archer Ignition Program is designed to:

  • Help companies with undeveloped or disconnected risk management practices establish clear rules and initiatives.  
  • Help risk leaders generate “quick successes” – cost-effective, efficient processes that provide real value to the organization – to show the Board and the C-level that the company’s broader risk management strategy is on track.
  • Provide a foundation to evolve the organization’s risk management program based on business needs and risk. For example, the plan could outline steps the organization could take to integrate more decision makers, business risk management tools and levels of automation into the overall program. 


“One of the best things about the platform is being able to drill into the details on particular risks where we need to make very quick decisions,” said Ben Agar, Group IT Risk Manager, Seek Unlimited. “The RSA Archer solution is a very easy system to maintain, and to make changes very quickly, so we’re able to listen to what people tell us and respond, and this aligns perfectly with our culture of speed and agility.”


Many organizations’ current risk management mechanisms are undeveloped, disconnected or ineffective. As a result, risk and security teams are drowning in data, processes and reporting because they are not using technology to its full potential to address the increasing risk the business is facing. This leaves enterprises struggling to respond to business risks, ill-equipped to capitalize on growth opportunities, and unable to demonstrate concrete business value from investments in risk management.


“Companies without fully developed business risk management programs need a way to get started, get established and create a path to long-term success,” said David Walter, Vice President, RSA Archer technology. “The RSA Archer Ignition Program is engineered to give them the tools they need to accelerate their programs by showing immediate value, leveraging a true Business-Driven Security approach.”


The RSA Archer Ignition Program is designed to include integrated use cases to provide four building blocks of a successful business risk management foundation:


  • RSA Archer Issues Management – Lays the foundation for a Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) program to manage issues generated by multiple groups such as audit, risk and compliance.
  • RSA Archer Business Impact Analysis – Helps determine the criticality of business processes. It creates a framework to catalog and prioritize assets and gather the context to connect risk issues to impacts to the business.
  • RSA Archer Risk Catalog – Provides the foundation to record and track risks across an enterprise and establish accountability for first- and second-line-of-defense managers. It establishes procedures and dashboard views to help leaders understand risks across the enterprise.
  • RSA Archer Third-Party Catalog – Allows customers to document all third-party relationships, engagements and associated contracts, as well as business units and named individuals in the organization that are responsible for each third-party relationship.


Building off of those use cases, the RSA Archer Ignition Program is a series of offerings to get customers’ business risk management programs implemented and delivering value back to their organizations. These offerings are engineered to include:


  • RSA Risk Management Practice Quick Launch Services – Provides new RSA Archer customers with fixed-price deployment and implementation services. These services help enable organizations to quickly create a business risk management program in a cost-effective manner to identify and manage their risk challenges.
  • RSA University Education Services – Empowers new RSA Archer customers with best practices and insights into how to quickly create a business risk management program using RSA Archer.


The RSA Archer Ignition Program provides a new approach – helping organizations improve their GRC program maturity – to create, develop and scale a risk management program to support business needs.


As Reid Stephan, Director of IT Security at St. Luke’s Health System, stated, “RSA Archer technology has helped us evolve from an organization where we're constantly trying to chase data and information, and the resulting frustration and inefficiency that stems from that. Now we have a source of record where employees can access data and more quickly consume it to make decisions based on it.”



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