Is the CISO prepared to protect the digital economy?

The 9th CSO Annual Summit covered the rapidly expanding scope of the security challenges: from safeguarding consumer privacy to protecting critical infrastucture

Is the CISO prepared to protect the digital economy? - CSO Forum

The security landscape is changing so fast, that every day seems like you are preparing for combat.


While the CEOs of the world are busy bringing about digital transformation and changing the economies of the world, the most daunting task of protecting the 'transformation' is left on the hero: The Chief Information Security Officer. Every year, at the CSO Annual Summit, we come together to celebrate heroes like you who bring true meaning to a 24x7 job of being alert and ahead of destructive elements.


And therefore, our aim is always to create elite and unmatched list of speakers at the CSO Annual Summit for you to carry home a few important security takeaways and at the same time, allow you to meet and network with your peers and the community.


The riveting agenda of the 9th edition of CSO Annual Summit this year was the same: To engage leaders in thought leadership discussions and have them debate and challenge the clear and present dangers of rapidly transforming digital economy. Today, the anticipation of threat is an imperative and the best practices are not enough to keep them secure in their digital enterprise journeys. Enterprises have to do a lot more than that. At the 9th edition of CSO Annual Summit this year, we covered four critical areas in security. 


Security is a business concern; not just IT's: A progressive enterprise is truly a joint venture between business and security. Today security leaders need to treat risk differently. They should plan for the future unknown threats and collaborate with different stakeholders in their organization.


Security vendors, industry and the government must come together: This is perhaps the most fragmented sector in the whole of industry. The collaboration between the IT industry and the government will present new avenues in tackling the new perils that are threatening our enterprises and governments. Read the full story here.


The need for talent and diversity in the security workforce: We need the support of the brightest minds in the academia, government and the industry. Talent and diversity plays an equally important role in strengthening the security of digital economy. 


Cyber security is a global security agenda: Finally, cybersecurity is a global issue. Our adversaries are turning digital. Our cyber rivals are overtaking our defences and therefore, there is a need to make security a strategic asset in the organization. Read about the panel on protecting critical infrastructure here


The 9th edition of the CSO Annual Summit served as an insightful and thought-provoking platform that brought together some of the best minds in security to explore new possibilities in the ever changing business landscape.

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