Despite impressive growth by challengers, AWS way ahead in cloud infra services

Alibaba now shows significant growth

Despite impressive growth by challengers, AWS way ahead among cloud infra services - CIO&Leader

Despite significantly higher growth by challengers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) still leads the market with a one-third market share in the cloud infrastructure services market, according to new Q1 (JFM) data from Synergy Research Group. The next five challengers, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Oracle and Alibaba all grow at rates higher than AWS but together hold market share that is less than that of AWS.

Microsoft, Google and Alibaba have grown at close to 80%, though IBM still holds the third highest market share after AWS and Microsoft. Salesforce, though it still holds higher market share than Oracle and Alibaba, has seen significant slowdown in its growth. Rackspace is the other IaaS player with significant market share.

Quarterly cloud infrastructure service revenues (including IaaS, PaaS and hosted private cloud services) have now reached almost USD 10 billion and continue to grow at well over 40% per year, according to estimates by Synergy

AWS, Microsoft and Google lead the public IaaS/PaaS market while IBM continues to lead in hosted private cloud. Rackspace and some traditional IT service providers feature more prominently in private cloud market than they do in public cloud market, says the research firm.

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