CIO@2020: Interaction with Sachin Jain, CIO (Global IT Operations) & CISO, EvalueServe

"Compliance will remain high on the CIO's agenda in 2020," says Sachin Jain, CIO (Global IT Operations) & CISO, EvalueServe

CIO@2020: Interaction with Sachin Jain, CIO (Global IT Operations) & CISO, EvalueServe - CIO&Leader

Sachin Jain, CIO (Global IT Operations) & CISO, EvalueServe talks to CIO&Leader, keeping the Vision 2020 in perspective.

Excerpts from the interview:

Scenarios that will impact your industry in 2020?

Technological disruption we see in the industry, the way clients consume services are changing and if we see the shift that is taking place is not stopping. This is like every other day you see something new. Another thing we witnessed is the way clients locate deliverables, services; that is also taking a shift. For example, people want to consume more and more services from the cloud, have mobility in place and security is not compromised while we lead on the framework.


What should be on a CIO’s agenda in 2020?

It will be areas which will get automated. There are products which will get developed as part of services. Compliance will also remain high on the agenda. Analytics and mobility will also continue. We are stitching these things as part of our strategy, thus is important for our survival in the industry and also sustainability for business.



Concerns with rapid evolvement of technology by 2020?

At times, you can align yourself in the speed of change or speed of transformation but how do you get your workforce to adapt to those changes is the key. So adaptability is one of the concerns where you are ready to roll out those solutions very fast but how does the user accepts those solutions in the community is a challenge. The users are very mature. The market is very big where they can get the tools they want to use and feel they have better experience before you go to them with your solution. They find their solution and come to you and say, ‘This is my solution and you need to make it work.’ That is going to be a big concern because the market is open where people can select whatever they like.


Personal goals for year 2020?

We need to support some initiatives through which we can deal with the challenges, help business grow and sustain and automate more. We need to create a complete ecosystem and take a holistic view of supporting business without looking at specific pieces of technology. 

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