CIO@2020: Interaction with Harish Lade, General Manager - Systems, Asian Paints

"Getting your architecture right is the key challenge," says Harish Lade, General Manager - Systems, Asian Paints

CIO@2020: Interaction with Harish Lade, General Manager - Systems, Asian Paints - CIO&Leader

Harish Lade, General Manager - Systems, Asian Paints talks to CIO&Leader, keeping the Vision 2020 in perspective.

Excerpts from the interview:

Scenarios that are likely to impact your industry by the year 2020?

We are setting up two large manufacturing plants in addition to the seven which we already have in India. These are going to be fairly high-scale and fully automated. So there’s going to be lot of opportunities to leverage some of the emerging technologies in terms of IoT really having a very deep integration with the underlying control systems, using the data from the shop floor to make better insights. More and more attention will come on Indian entities in terms of how secure are the IT assets. That is going to be a big agenda for us. On the IT perspective, I think some of the key priorities will be how some of the machine learning, cognitive, artificial intelligence and automation weave into Asian Paints’ IT function. One important priority which an IT leader can’t ignore is the people. Lot of focus will be there on how do we really have the talent of the IT function work to the fullest capacity. At the end of the day, that’s what will distinguish between an IT function of the future. 




How will the rapid evolution of technology impact your industry in the year 2020?

Getting your architecture right is the key challenge. That really adds to the complexity in terms of making the right choices with the vendors. At the same time, innovation is happening by lot of start-ups. How do we balance this out where we catch the right innovation with the emerging company and at the same time, partner with a larger IT firm to get both benefits: right scale, stability, long-term view versus getting the right maverick idea into your organization. This is because some of innovations around cognitive, machine learning, IoT are all happening in a start-up domain. So IT organizations have to keep track of both these aspects and that is going to be the key challenge going forward for IT leaders.  


What are your personal goals for the year 2020?

I would really like to learn some of the new programming languages around Python. The whole IT world is going back to full cycle. There were days when you used to create solutions, in-house them, had package applications with all these emerging technologies like cognitive, machine learning. I believe that coming back to the core programming domain is what is going to matter.


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