NEXTCSO 2017: Know Your Winners

Presented are insights based on analysis of NEXTCSO data

What are winners made of? Comparing the profiles of winners and non-winners can give you an idea.

The problem is: if you look at much of data, the profiles seem very similar. Whether it is demographic parameters, such as gender, age, location or professional parameters, such as qualifications, work experience or reporting team size, the difference is scarcely visible. 

Yet, when it comes to the pay packages, the difference becomes clearly visible. Half the winners take home INR 30 lakh or more (CTC) while only 30% of others manage to draw that kind of pay.

So, what explains this difference? It becomes evident when you look at their test score. Even there, their workplace competencies and individual profiles are very similar. It is management styles that clearly give the winners an edge. It is in their management styles that winners clearly distinguish themselves. Their scores were significantly higher in Innovation, People Orientation, Intervention and Affiliation—all leadership skills. There were not too much difference in scores of winners and non-winners when it comes to Reflective, Conceptual and Global Vision. 

Similarly, when it comes to management profiles, many non-winners seem to be better than winners when it comes to their role as Executive Managers and Experts. But here too, winners clearly set themselves apart in terms of their entrepreneurial attitude and ability to motivate.

In short, skills and competencies wise, the NEXTCSO winners and other applicants are not too different. The winners are simply better leaders.

It gives a great insight into how the present CSOs see their role evolving into, in the future. CSOs are essentially becoming leaders like any other senior executives. Technical skills and competencies—while essential—are no more a differentiator.

That is the big message from this year’s NEXTCSO awards.


The future CSO is essentially a leader.


NB: For those who care, there are as many designations as there are winners. So, there is no standardization here.

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