CA CIO Strategy Summit 2017: Paving the Way for Digital Transformation

The CA Technologies CIO Summit 2017 took place in Udaipur from 5-7 October 2017

Today’s business environment is characterized by shrinking product lifecycles, new forms of competition, growing customer expectations and relentless cost pressures. New, nimble competitors are leveraging advances in technology to disrupt markets and displace market leaders. Consequently, enterprise technology leaders are under growing pressure to change and innovate at a brisk rate—and deliver compelling solutions to stakeholders.

However, to deliver superior customer experiences in this new environment of continuous change, they need to adopt new methodologies and tools, and employ different skills and techniques to develop, test, deploy and operate software that forms the heart of the business in the digital age.

At the CA Technologies CIO Summit 2017 which was held in Udaipur from 5-7 October 2017, delegates were introduced to contemporary thinking and new practices that comprise the “The Modern Software Factory.”In his welcome address, Sunil Manglore, Managing Director – India, CA Technologies emphasised the need to transform innovative business ideas into outstanding customer experiences—and how the how the software factory concept brings together agility, automation, insights and security to help businesses compete more effectively and efficiently.

In his keynote address to the gathering, Martin Mackay, President & General Manager – APJ for CA Technologies discussed the imperatives for digital transformation, and described how various organizations were leveraging new technologies to build better apps quickly, maximizing application performance with better tools, and making security a competitive advantage. In his talk, he also highlighted the typical challenges encountered by organizations undertaking a digital transformation, and suggested ways to overcome them.

In the ensuing panel discussion on Digital Transformation Strategy moderated by R Giridhar, Group Editor, 9.9 Media, experienced industry practitioners debated and deliberated on practical issues surrounding digital transformation efforts. Participating in the discussion were Keyur Desai, CIO, Essar Ports & Shipping; Navin Agarwal, Director, KPMG; TejveerBhogal, Head - Governance & Alliances, BCCL; Rajendra Mhalsekar, Head - Corporate Banking Technology, Yes Bank; and Martin Mackay, President & General Manager - APJ, CA Technologies.

The day concluded with a light-hearted contest amongst the delegates in the form of a cooking competition. Technology experts put on their chef hats, and wielded skillets and spatulas with great adroitness to produce and array of mouth-watering delicacies to impress the judges. The competition was won by team 4 comprised of Vibin Venugopal, Rajesh Pareek, Nitin Bansod, Avinash Naik, Sushil Kumar and Sunil Mangalore. 

Rajendra Mhalsekar, Head Corporate - Banking Technology, Yes Bank said that it was a fantastic experience especially the the Cooking event was amazing and innovative.

On Day 2 of the conference, Stephen Miles, Chief Technology Officer- APJ, CA Technologies took the delegates through the concepts of the Modern Software Factory. He demonstrated why emerging and evolving business models require an entirely new way of thinking about developing, testing, deploying and running software to deliver digital transformation solutions for the application economy.

Speaking on “APIs and the Application Economy,” Sumit Gupta, Senior Director Software Engineering, CA Technologies described how APIs—the flexible, extensible building blocks of today’s apps—operate behind the scenes to help you innovate faster and fuel your digital transformation. His talk covered issues like the need for Application Experience Analytics and proper API Management.

Abhilash Purushothaman, Senior Director – APJ, DevOps Business, CA Technologies spoke on the growing role of DevOps in organisations, and the need to establish a proper set of practices to automate the processes between software development and IT operations teams to build, test, and release software faster and more reliably. Abhilash also covered the CA Technologies’ DevOps portfolio that enables users to develop code swiftly, test automatically and release reliably.

In the online age, you need to deliver an exceptional digital experience to keep customers engaged and satisfied. However, without proper insights into how well your apps are working makes it hard to find and fix issues and problems. Sushil Kumar, Senior VP – Product Strategy & Management at CA Technologies, described the techniques available for end user monitoring, application performance management (APM), and infrastructure management.

‎Head - Governance & Alliances - Information Technology - ‎Bennett Coleman and Co said that the event was a great opportunity to meet such intellectual minds over the last few days.
In today’s digital world, you need to open your business up so that users, employees and partners can access the data they need. But the more open you are, the more vulnerable you become to data breaches. So, how can you have better security—and even use it as an opportunity to win customer loyalty and boost employee productivity? In his talk, Sumeet Mathur, Vice President - Software Engineering, CA Technologies explained how you can boost application and access security without compromising on performance and usability.

Ashok Gupta, Associate Vice President at Max Bupa, said that the entire event was very meticulously planned, well-executed and the sessions were quite informative.

On Day 3 of the conference, a 3-hour workshop on “Optimized Business Outcomes” was conducted by Paul Eames, Senior Principal Transformation Consultant, CA Technologies. Participants were taught how to employ a structured approach to achieve the greatest business impact when updating their current It environment to meet new business needs. The workshop helped delegates identify business drivers, understand current state capabilities, and formulate a plan of action for digital transformation.





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