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We anticipate that the retail giants are gearing up for a second coming into e-commerce and this time they won't go down without a fight. How? Read on to find out.


According to World Economic Forum's The Global Gender Gap Report 2017, India has fallen to an overall rank of 108 in 2017 from 87 last year. The report states that it has been largely due to the widening of its gender gap in women's share among legislators, senior officials, managers, as well as professional and technical workers:


 It isn't rare to spot an Indian while travelling to the rarest corners of the world, it isn't rare for an Indian to head a large Indian corporation today. We all know about Google when it was choosing Sundar Pichai for the top job, there wasn’t another contender in the race. In the case of Uber, however, former Google and Softbank executive Nikesh Arora, was among the candidates considered for the post of Uber's CEO.


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