CIO&Leader November 2017

CIO&Leader November 2017 - CIO&Leader

CIO&Leader November Stories


The real impact of demonetization What we ask here is a very specific question that can be answered—and more importantly, is extremely relevant to our readers. That is: Has demonetization helped in pushing up digital payments?


Good news for India; Internet freedom remains stable in 2017

India has over 460 million internet users in India. The rise in internet awareness and literacy keeps this number is growing everyday. However, factors such as network shutdowns, cyberattacks, among others impact internet freedom like no other. Read the story here:

How will digitalization transform jobs?

The impact on jobs created by the forces of digitalization is now a global debate. The issue has been addressed by the recently released annual Information Economy Report (IER) by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Read the story here:


15 books for the IT leader's bookshelf

This is a list of some of the most relevant (in our opinion) current books that we present here. Even before we try explaining the selection, we probably owe you some justification on why a list of books, of all things—that too on cover? Read the complete feature here:



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