Liberal dose of tech speak in PM's Davos speech

Liberal dose of tech speak in PM's Davos speech - CIO&Leader

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered his keynote at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum at Davos today. In his speech, he touched various aspects of Inda's policies whlle outlining some agenda items for the global community. His speech had enough reference to technology.

"Technology driven transformation is altering our way of living. Politics and economics, all has been influenced by technology," Modi said.

Modi said data is the biggest property today; flow of data on a global level is creating huge opportunities but also poses the biggest challenges.

"Whoever controls data controls the world," he said.  

While stressing the need for building a shared future, Modi warned about the flip side too. 

"Our technology-driven world has the ability to link, to bend and to break us," he said even as he identfied cyber threats as a big risk.

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