Data is the real currency

Protection needs a unified approach

Data is the real currency - CIO&Leader
Today organizations are spending a lot of money, time and efforts on Data Protection. It is crucially important for companies to meet customer expectations, maintain high level of productivity, comply with regulatory requirements as well as refrain from financial loss in the event of a ransomware attack. Data is proving to be Real Currency for all the organisations. Keeping this most important asset secured and available at all times is of paramount importance. Multiplicity of sources producing data is adding to the woes of CIOs. In front of them is a heterogeneous and discrete environment that is churning out data continuously, making it a herculean task for them to protect the data that is vital for business, compliance and legal hold and make it available all the time. The complexity multiplied with Physical, Virtual and Cloud platforms blended in with legacy systems.
Unified Data Protection
A Unified Data Protection solution brings significant value to enterprises that are struggling to meet increasingly stringent RPOs and RTOs across physical, virtual and cloud environments. It is an effective Data Management solution that protects data at all levels, across all the platforms. Unified Data Protection (UDP) is easy to use, cost-efficient and allow businesses to achieve continuous availability. It is a unified, scalable, comprehensive solution that offers enterprise-grade protection without a sweat. It provides various capabilities such as assured recovery to meet compliances, application consistent backup, global data deduplication to reduce backup foot print there by reducing the Infrastructure spend.
Mission critical applications for which organizations can’t afford to have downtime, a UDP solution can replicate data on near real-time basis and in asynchronous manner to the DR site/cloud. To attain high availability, push button switchover/failover can be performed in case of natural disaster, manmade disaster or for some maintenance activity at DC.
There are various point solutions available in the market today that come with associated complexity and completeness issues. Some of them provide backup capabilities but lack replication to meet DR needs effectively. If there is a solution available it is complex, expensive and disintegrated. A Unified Data Protection solution helps tackle this issue with a single solution that delivers system resiliency across the entirety of cloud, virtual, and physical systems. UDP offers site management capabilities and provides inbuilt Role Based Access Control for role delegation.
For offsite data copy, UDP transfers data directly to various cloud storages. IT professionals can copy recovery points to AWS Cloud, launch an EC2 instance directly from the recovery point, leverage virtual standby for Windows to AWS EC2, restore an EC2 instance (instant virtual machine for Linux) to AWS EC2, and copy full recovery points to AWS S3 at an optimized cost. It can also seamlessly integrate with other public clouds and it has BaaS & DRaaS platform of its own.
Today UDP solutions are also available in an Appliance form factor in various capacities and supports in field expansion to catch up with the ongoing data growth. Appliance is fully interoperable with any other UDP instance, appliance or instance in the cloud. It is a one-stop shop experience for clients since the appliance comes pre-configured with the storage, compute, OS, UDP licenses and network cards. Customers can easily deploy these appliances through set-up wizards. This results in operational efficiencies and helps reduce complexity further.
Indian Government has increased spending on Digital India with proposed budget doubled to INR 307 bn. Budget for upcoming financial year has proposed 5 lakh Wi-Fi spots connecting 5 crore rural citizens. Organization of all sizes will need an integrated approach to manage this exponential data growth by imbibing technologies that provide breakthrough data protection. Data explosion will also bring in the need for businesses to have a platform that can protect data against Cyber threats. A solution like UDP isolates the Recovery Point Server (Data Store) and offers encryption for data on the move. It truly holds the key to protect the Real Currency of Business in these exciting times.
The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of CIO&Leader and associated organizations.
(The author is Regional Sales Director India & SAARC, Arcserve)

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