Simplifying data management is the top driver for CIOs’ data lake plans

Simplifying management of data emerged as the top reason why CIOs want to roll out data lakes, according to a research by CIO & Leader. As many as eight CIOs from the 33 that we interviewed identified this as the top driver for data lakes, while seven each said they are looking at getting more insights and facilitating use of all data across organizations. At least two of them were looking for saving costs through data lakes.

Only 22% have started rolling out their data lake projects while another 6% said they are in the RFP/vendor selection stage. It may be mentioned here that State Bank of India, India’s largest bank had come out with a comprehensive data lake plan and its CIO and Deputy MD, Mrutyunjay Mohapatra has publicly spoken about the rollout plans.  Bank of Baroda also came out with an RFP for a large data lake implementation. A significant number of them—28%s—are open to explore while another 16% say they are actively exploring.   

When asked about their present data warehouse, 69% said they have a centralized data warehouse, while 13% said they have data warehouses at SBU levels. About 19% said they do not have a data warehouse.



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