Digital era requires ‘out-of-box’ approach to regulation, says ITU draft paper on ICT regulation

ITU releases draft best practices for regulation at the ongoing ITU Global Symposium for Regulators in Geneva that recommends specific changes to regulatory approach.

Digital era requires ‘out-of-box’ approach to regulation, says ITU draft paper on ICT regulation - CIO & Leader

Consider putting in place innovative, out-of-box measures such as regulatory sandboxes for businesses wishing to test an emerging technology without being bound by normal regulations, a draft paper released by International Telecommunications Union (ITU) urged regulators around the world.

This was just one of the specific suggestions articulated by the paper, released at the ongoing ITU Global Symposium for Regulators 2018 (GSR‐18), the world's largest gathering of the global ICT regulatory community that is currently on at Geneva, Switzerland. GSR-18 has brought together policy-makers, regulators and businesses from around the world to collaborate and define innovative regulatory responses that drive real changes in people's lives.

Other specific suggestions put forward by the draft paper, which is accepting public comments till 11th July 2018, are around public participation in regulatory process, cross-sectoral cooperation in regulation, and privacy & security.

“Promote further public participation and consultation in the regulatory process throughregulation by data, that is based on information and observations of digital stakeholders and users, providing citizens and stakeholders with the most detailed and transparent information, and allowing consultation and participation in the regulatory decision-making process to complement the regulator’s traditional tools,” the paper says.

“Establish effective mechanisms for cooperation across the sectors to promote the development of cross-cutting services such as e-commerce, e-banking, as well as e-health, including with consumer protection authorities, service providers and other relevant bodies at the national, regional and international levels,” it further adds.

“Consider necessary frameworks to ensure privacy and security of government, business and consumer data to ensure that all stakeholders are adequately informed about potential security and privacy challenges they may face with online services, and have access to timely and accurate information regarding the services and applications they use (including speed, quality and data traffic management),” the paper rounds off.

The theme for this year’s meet is New Regulatory Frontiers. The programme includes discussions and debates on how today's digital transformation is extending regulatory frontiers.

"Today's digital transformation is bringing important changes for all: with emerging technologies, ICTs increasingly power and enable the global economy," says Sorin Grindeanu, Chair of GSR-18. "Now, more than ever, we need to come together for an open dialogue to develop new and innovative approaches to implement effective collaborative regulation—not only among ICT policy-makers and regulators, but also across sectors."

Topics being discussed at GSR-18 include

  • Emerging technologies for digital transformation;
  • Artificial intelligence for development;
  • New regulatory frontiers;
  • Digital identity across different platforms;
  • The protection of personal data in a smart data-driven economy;
  • New sustainable investment models.

The forum included a thematic Global Dialogue on Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity – Policy and Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities


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