GCR offers IoT solutions to transform the education industry

Some of the solutions include interactive display, student tracking, school ERP and digital signage

GCR offers IoT solutions to transform the education industry - CIO&Leader

GCR, a leading global online B2B “Partners Platform”, well known for its SaaS connected IoT solutions and networking infrastructure, has taken a step forward to enhance the Educational industry. GCR now offers various IoT solutions for the Educational institution as well.  

Gone are the days wherein schools used to follow the traditional methods of teaching. Since, change is only constant and technological advances are bringing about these changes, schools, colleges and other educational institutions are inculcating IoT solutions in the already existing teaching methodologies. This is where GCR comes into play in providing a wide array of products and services to uplift the educational demeanor.

GCR, therefore, provides ‘Interactive Display’ to increase student interaction and learning experience, school ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses; Digital Signage which allows centrally controlled, content distribution platform enabling one to play back digital content on one or many displays/noticeboard/screens, LMS (Learning Management System), a cloud-based e-learning platform that facilitates learning, delivery, measurement and management of any learning programs; Cloud-based AV Conference for seamless virtual classroom allowing participants to login from any location using any device on internet.

GCR also offers ‘Campus Tracking Solution’ which includes Asset Tracking, Library Management, People Tracking (students, teachers and staffs), and SchoolBus Tracking in order to maintain and not compromise on the security of students. Every solution which GCR offers for the Education vertical is SaaS-connected solutions.

With these, some education institutions use it to control data as well as save money, whereas some use it to make students and classroom sessions highly tech-literate. 

IoT is influencing everything, and the learning and education domains come well equipped within the gamut of this disruptive technology. The proliferation of user-friendly connected devices paired with improved and budget-friendly technology platforms have increased the rapid growth of IoT-enabled applications and capabilities in the education industry. GCR’s ‘Partner Platform’ enables end-customers, system integrators, and solutions providers to avail complete technical and commercial information; this said the platform further lends a supporting hand towards GCR’s venture to uplift the education vertical of India.

All the above-mentioned products and services are available on GCR; the ‘Partners’ Platform’ aims to be budget-friendly and light on the pockets of the users. GCR has over 300 IoT products/solutions positioned through 200+ partners on their platform.

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