Visualized data for a visual medium

TV today media research team uses a visual analytics tool to draw easy insights from large audience measurement data

Visualized data for a visual medium - CIO&Leader

TV Today Network, a listed subsidiary of one of India’s largest media groups, Living Media (India Today Group), is a multilingual broadcaster. It owns a number of channels including the popular AajTak and India Today TV.

Like other broadcasters, TV Today also receives television audience measurement data from Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) every week. BARC is a company set up by broadcast media stakeholders, such as broadcasters, advertisers and advertising agencies to bring in transparency and accuracy and is the largest such measurement company in the world.

This data is used by the Media Research team at TV Today to analyze the performance of their own channels at any point of time as well as track competition. This analysis also helps them measure historical performance on different time bands in different geographies as well as plan ad inventory during the different time bands. 

Handling the large volume of data to derive some insights from it was a huge challenge for TV Today’s Media Research team. 

“We were facing challenges in processing heavy spreadsheets which we received every week from Broadcast Audience Research Council India. Understanding the data and then sharing it with the team was a backbreaking task,” says Sachin Paliwal, AGM, TV Today Network.

It needed to be presented in an easy-to-grasp visual manner, as the users were all business executives, not techies.

“We were proactively looking for a solution. We evaluated a few tools and found Visualr served the purpose as per our needs in a cost-effective manner,” says Paliwal.

Visualr is a self-service BI platform that can work with multiple database types and is fairly flexible and cost effective.

“The Media team at TV Today Network was struggling with the data in heavy spreadsheets which was difficult to analyze. We helped them to automate their spreadsheets through Visualr and now they are producing approx 40 reports through Visualr in matter of minutes,” adds Kunal Chaturvedi, founder, Visualr.

The Challenge

Visualr reached out to the TV Today IT team. After evaluating their product, the IT team introduced Visualr to the Media Research Team. With this huge volume of data every week, the TV Today media research team was proactively looking for a solution.

The team was looking for ease of adoption, cost effectiveness and a good support.

“We were looking for three parameters. How easily we can adopt the solution; the adoption rate should be more than 80%. How economical the solution is and pre and post-implementation support on the solution,” explains Paliwal.

Visualr scored well on all these counts. What turned the deal in its favor was value for money and a very quick response time. The product not just fitted in the team’s budget, the Visualr team was very responsive. “Support and assistance from the team during the initial time period was commendable,” Palliwal adds.

The Rollout & The Achievement

Once the decision was taken, the rollout was quick.

The selling points of software like Visualr are easy adoption and easeofuse. So the implementation stage was really quick.

“You just need to download the tool from the website and install it on the server. That's it!. You are good to go now,” says Chaturvedi of Visualr.

“We spend more time in understanding the business problem at the granule level.  Once the data is ready, we connect it with Visualr and create dashboards pretty quick,” he says.  

Visualr provided TV Today time saving, enhanced productivity and cost reduction by automation. Previously it was using resources for segregation of data from spreadsheets, analyzing all that data with multiple team members. They would then consolidate the findings on spreadsheet or presentation post which would be shared through mail attachments.

Now, through Visualr, only the data needs to be pushed into the system and everything is done automatically and all the respective team members get their insights through already shared dashboards.

While the TV Today media research team has managed to meet its immediate challenges, there is scope for more.

We have solved the existing problems but we still foresee some more use cases where we can deploy Visualr,” says Palliwal. 

Enterprise  data visualization market is expected to reach USD 7.76 billion by 2023, according to Mordor Intelligence.

Visualr is approaching clients by what could be called data dialogues. “Since data is available across industries and departments, we are on a constant lookout for business problems that we can discuss with prospects and create a custom solution on our platform for them,” says Chaturvedi of Visualr.

Solutions that can be tried easily and that can work at an affordable investment have an opportunity to catalyze the data revolution.



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