Extraordinary times...

Nothing can help you better in boosting your moral than the realization that on your shoulders lies this great responsibility of making the ecosystem running

Extraordinary times... - CIO&Leader
I do not need to tell you that these are extraordinary times. There is just one thought that is dominating the minds of all of us—the now global Corona epidemic. At the time of writing, India is still sitting at the edge. We do not know which way it will go. But many see that as hope.
And hope, we must not lose. Yes, extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. From world bodies to national government, commercial organizations to village panchayats, all have initiated measures at their levels. Most of us (and when I say that I mean those in India), in our lifetime, have never seen anything comparable. Naturally, there is a lot of anxiety. Anxiety about the direct impact—in terms of our health. Anxiety about how it impacts our daily lives with all these long lockdowns. Anxiety about how it impacts our work; most of us by now have been used to work from home. And anxiety about how things will change from here, call that the impact on economy.
All these anxieties, when they go through the filter of hope and not that of despair, should result in innovation. Innovations that will have an immediate impact and will create a long-term value. 
Two sets of people are especially being looked at to help. And they are delivering. The first and most important are, of course, our doctors and health workers. No word is enough to describe their contribution. The second is technology and the people who make technology work. Their work, much less recognized by common people, is significant to hold everything together—be it health, be it every day lives or the economy.
Most of us are now working from home. It is the enterprise IT professionals that make it possible—ensuring that work does not suffer, ensuring that enough security is there and ensuring that people get the experience they need not just to do the work, but to keep themselves in good spirit. That may get out to be a huge problem, as the lockdown period gets longer and longer.
More than anyone else, you have to keep your spirits high. Nothing can help in that better than a realization that on your shoulders lies this great responsibility of making the ecosystem keep running.
The prime minister has acknowledged it already. Everyone will, soon. 
All the best. Stay at home. And take care.


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