“Thinking about new business models is necessary in the current scenario”

VS Parthasarathy, President - Mobility Services Sector, Mahindra Group shares his perspectives on business continuity during lockdown

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VS Parthasarathy, President - Mobility Services Sector, Mahindra Group highlights his key priorities and management strategies during lockdown. He mentions Mahindra lives by the ‘RISE’ philosophy, which is ‘Accepting No Limits, Alternative Thinking and Driving Positive Change.’ The current scenario brings about the need for agility, quantum positive thinking and driving positive change.

He lists some key priorities:

  1. Survive and thrive: To survive, cash flow is important. Keeping money at all times is necessary during such uncertain times and even borrowing can be an option.
  2. Employees: It’s important to keep employees engaged through various exercises, town halls, etc. to understand what inputs they are giving and thus, in this way, the entire ecosystem can also be kept engaged.
  3. Community support: It’s important to provide support to all sections of the community, be it dealers, vendors, etc.
  4. New ideas and initiatives: It’s important to focus on new ideas and initiatives so that crisis can be dealt with successfully. Thinking about new business models is the key. Doing things differently can also help in such a crisis situation, for example ‘going digital’.
  5. Long-term vision: It’s essential to maintain the long-term vision through re-imagining and re-ideating.

Parthasarathy goes on to mention how Work from Home (WFH) has affected his life. Although WFH has made life both socially and physically distant, it has provided an opportunity to be more involved in work and interact with teammates. He believes “work must go on and the regime must be the same.” WFH has enabled more focus into the work, enhanced productivity and lesser/no commute to work, thus saving time for more good work. He adds, “WFH has certainly improved both diet and exercise habits to good effect, as well as technology usage!”

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