Ozonetel Integrates ChatGPT into Contact Centers

Leverages Generative AI and builds intelligent solutions for enhanced contact center efficiency.

Ozonetel, an omnichannel customer experience platform provider, is leveraging ChatGPT and Generative AI and has built a suite of intelligent solutions to revolutionize customer experience and enhance contact center efficiency. The benefits of ChatGPT-powered contact centers are manifold. Businesses can harness the intelligence gathered from millions of customer interactions to transform agent efficiency, drive personalized customer experiences, and achieve higher client satisfaction.  

With this suite of solutions, contact centers will have a self-evolving knowledge repository that continuously learns from resources such as documents, conversations, and FAQs, creating a comprehensive one-stop solution for customer support and agent training. Agent-facing AI will help organizations resolve queries faster and personalize conversations more effectively. The current release includes Automated Quality Audits for Contact Centers, Agent-facing Conversational Intelligence, Intelligent Neural Search, and Voice and Chatbots. 

"For quite a few years now, we have been using AI in contact centers. But now it is time to completely transform the existing AI orchestration in contact centers by integrating Generative AI. We believe the integration of ChatGPT into contact centers will bring about a paradigm shift in their efficiency and revolutionize the customer experience. Ozonetel has always been a pioneer in the cloud communication space, and we are proud to be front-runners with Generative AI too. Our readiness to integrate ChatGPT comes from our years of experience in designing and building a proprietary AI engine for contact centers,” says Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Product Officer at Ozonetel. 

ChatGPT-enabled Automated Quality Audits will help eliminate random sampling and manual errors, allowing for 100% monitoring of calls in contact centers. It will enable real-time agent performance evaluation with detailed insights into conversational intent and customer sentiment. Conversational Intelligence — gathered from millions of customer interactions — will provide agents with actionable advice, smart suggestions, and real-time information on customer sentiment and intent, leading to more effective and satisfying conversations.  

Ozonetel's ChatGPT-enabled Neural Search will help contact centers build intelligent knowledge repositories surpassing traditional keyword search to equip agents with precise and contextual information rapidly and at scale, thereby minimizing escalations and improving First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates. Chat and voice bots enabled by ChatGPT will converse with customers accurately, contextualistically, and humanistically. Repetitive tasks and common customer queries can be efficiently automated at scale. 

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