Zoomcar standardizes on the observability platform New Relic

Zoomcar, the marketplace for car sharing in emerging markets is consolidating all observability needs to New Relic to deliver superior car-sharing experiences to over 5 million people.

New Relic, the all-in-one observability platform for every engineer, announced that the marketplace for car sharing in emerging markets, Zoomcar, has standardized on New Relic to help deliver superior customer experiences, drive business growth, and create a unified experience for its engineers. With a 90% share of India’s car-sharing market and a strong focus on the mobile experience, Zoomcar completed comprehensive research and selected New Relic for the significant cost savings provided over all other vendors, expanding its adoption of New Relic application performance monitoring (APM), and adding infrastructure monitoring, distributed tracing, and browser monitoring to achieve affordable end-to-end observability.

As a pioneer in the car-sharing space, Zoomcar revolutionized mobility for over 5 million people across 45 cities worldwide. Its cutting-edge platform allows users to book, unlock, and return cars without meeting owners face-to-face. One of the key factors that drove Zoomcar to choose New Relic was its ability to scale alongside Zoomcar's rapidly growing business.

Before New Relic, Zoomcar took significant time to detect problems and pinpoint precisely where they came from due to having multiple open-source tools in their observability stack. They had limited visibility or end-to-end monitoring, with the siloed system causing engineers to spend much of their time finding the root cause of application issues.

“As a market leader in India’s car-sharing industry, Zoomcar needs best-of-breed observability across its network, infrastructure, and applications to drive system resilience, which is why New Relic is such a valued partner,” said Zoomcar Associate Director DevSecOps, Mohit Kumar. 

“The New Relic all-in-one observability platform has been a core pillar of our growth and in delivering excellence to our customers. We are thrilled to continue to grow our partnership with New Relic and see the continued impact of its data-driven approach,” said Zoomcar VP of Engineering, Vishal Ramrakhyani.

The New Relic all-in-one approach helps the Zoomcar team gain insight into the performance of its applications in real-time, with the addition of synthetics monitoring enabling applications to work and track better, and infrastructure monitoring creating more robust communication between all services, allowing the engineering team to identify trends and patterns that could impact system reliability. Zoomcar can also handle increased transaction volumes and expanding operational demands without compromising performance or customer experience.

Implementations and benefits include
50% reduction in backend service resource usage-The engineering team no longer experiences high memory usage or an unresponsive system by optimizing their resources and reducing cloud costs.

60% reduction in database CPU usage- Zoomcar has seen a significant drop in CPU usage (from 80% to 20%) since consolidating its observability needs to New Relic.

30% reduction in MTTD and MTTR- The engineering team improved their overall detection, acknowledgment, and resolution time.

4% increase in checkout volume- APM and customer dashboards allow the engineering team to seamlessly handle surges in end-user traffic, leading to a 4% increase in checkout volume.

Increased productivity- By integrating New Relic alerts and AIOps within PagerDuty and Slack, the engineering team established SLOs and SLAs, empowering them to troubleshoot issues quickly.

Customized innovation- New Relic dashboards have driven tracking of daily engineering metrics like uptime and error rates across all micro-services and daily product metrics like searches and bookings on the platform. New Relic also monitors car performance and the Zoomcar guest chat function, which creates seamless communication between the owner and renter.
“Zoomcar is an industry innovator, bringing best-of-breed car sharing services to Indian consumers,” New Relic Senior Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan Kris Day. “Keeping and staying ahead of the competition requires an all-in-one observability solution, and we are thrilled that the business has chosen to consolidate with New Relic to drive its future success.”

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