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Surajit Chatterjee, Managing Director of Data Centre at CapitaLand Investment, discusses his company’s India strategy and data centre trends

Amidst India’s ongoing digital revolution and the increasing adoption of data-intensive technologies like cloud computing, AI, 5G, and IoT, the demand for data centres is rising significantly. As data localisation regulations come into effect, organisations are seeking reliable and secure local computing powerhouses that can provide scalable data storage and processing infrastructure.

CapitaLand Investment, a Singapore-based company, recognizes these emerging needs and is actively expanding its investments in India. They aim to deliver innovative, secure, and dependable data centre solutions to support India’s ongoing digital transformation. In a recent interaction with CIO&Leader, Surajit Chatterjee, the Managing Director of Data Centre, India at CapitaLand Investment, provides insights into his company’s plans for India and discusses current data centre trends. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

What factors contribute to the growing demand for data centres in India? 

India is currently experiencing a digital revolution. We saw this firsthand at CapitaLand, as the demand for data centres is increasing significantly. The exponential growth of digital services, e-commerce,  cloud adoption, and remote work has dramatically increased demand for data centres. With the rise of data-intensive technologies such as AI, IoT, and Big Data, there has never been a greater demand for robust, dependable, and scalable data storage and processing infrastructure. Regulatory initiatives that encourage data localisation have also contributed to this desire. CapitaLand is ideally positioned to address these expanding demands. We are devoted to offering innovative, dependable, and secure data centre solutions to support India’s continuing digital transformation.

How does CapitaLand utilise new-age technologies to drive innovation and efficiency in data centres? 

CapitaLand is leveraging emerging technologies to boost innovation and efficiency in its data centres. Artificial  Intelligence and Machine Learning are crucial to our operations, allowing us to do predictive maintenance and reduce downtime. IoT sensors are crucial in real-time monitoring, allowing us to optimise operations and effectively regulate energy consumption. Automation technologies expedite our operations, and future-ready technology enables us to provide scalable, personalised services. Our dedication to implementing these innovative solutions distinguishes us,  and we are delighted to be pioneers in this tech-driven transformation of data centre services.

What are the emerging trends in Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)? Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is evolving due to the incorporation of AI, IoT, and cloud technologies.  AI and machine learning will allow us to evaluate data and predict maintenance requirements, thereby reducing equipment breakdowns and maximising uptime. IoT devices enable us to monitor numerous environmental elements and the health of our equipment in real-time, allowing us to respond swiftly to any difficulties. CapitaLand is at the  forefront of these trends, ensuring its data centres are future-proof and run efficiently. 

How are you integrating renewable energy sources into your operations? 

Sustainability is essential to CapitaLand’s business. Whenever possible, we are integrating sustainable energy sources into our data centres. Not only does using solar panels and wind energy lower our carbon footprint, but it also increases our energy efficiency. Additionally, we are investigating alternative renewable energy sources and integrating energy-efficient designs and technologies. Our efforts in this area indicate our determination to lead the data centre industry into a more sustainable future. 

How do data centres tackle the challenges posed by increasing data storage and processing demands? 

The exponential growth in data storage and processing requirements is a crucial obstacle for the data centre sector.  CapitaLand is equipped to meet these requirements. Our scalable data centres allow us to satisfy our customers in expanding data storage requirements. For rapid data access, we are introducing sophisticated storage technologies.  In addition, load balancing and efficient data distribution techniques will help us successfully control processing loads, allowing us to retain optimal performance and dependability. 

What are the key considerations for ensuring data centre security and resilience?

Data centre operations place the utmost significance on data security and resiliency. CapitaLand is investing in cutting-edge physical security systems and tight access controls to protect our facilities’ safety. We are deploying network firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and sophisticated data encryption measures on the digital front. We  have also included robust disaster recovery methods, such as redundant systems and regular data backups. Regular vulnerability evaluations and audits allow us to detect and mitigate any issues proactively, providing our clients with the most significant data security. 

How do data centres leverage virtualisation technologies for improved resource utilisation and scalability? 

Virtualisation technologies provide numerous benefits for data centre operations. CapitaLand is utilising these technologies to maximise resource utilisation and scalability. Allowing numerous virtual servers to run on a single physical server may increase efficiency and minimise expenses. Software-defined storage and networking further optimise resource allocation, allowing us to expand our services in response to fluctuating demand. 

What does the future hold for data centres in India? What are your plans? 

The outlook for data centres in India is very positive. The rate of digital transformation is accelerating, and data  localisation policies will increase the demand for data centres. CapitaLand will continue to invest in modern technologies and infrastructures, improve energy efficiency, and promote sustainability in the future. We intend to extend our presence with more resilient, secure, and environmentally friendly data centres to serve India’s enterprises & its digital infrastructure requirements.  

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