2020 Forecast: Indian SMBs to shift towards cost-effective data protection solutions

Today, India?s data protection landscape is undergoing a rapid transformation as businesses prepare themselves to adopt the new-age technologies such as AI, ML etc. Due to this shift, large amount of data is being generated. While the data deluge will help organizations to deliver better results, however, it may also increase the instances of data theft/ attacks. According to a 2019 report, 69% of Indian companies were at a risk of data breach and 44% of them had encountered a breach before too.

Therefore, as organizations aggressively embrace digital transformation in the future, it will become imperative for them to better protect and manage their critical data by deploying robust data protection solutions. As we enter the era of the next data decade, Dell Technologies shares top 3 trends that will shape Indian data protection market in the year 2020:

  1. Plan for Disaster Recovery rather than Disaster Management: Loss of critical data has the power to cripple any business in no time. Hence, businesses have to be well prepared to tackle any external outrage or information loss, in order to maintain their business continuity. Therefore, in the upcoming year, more organizations will turn to disaster recovery solutions that will help them back up their data on a regular schedule as well as create one or more duplicate or de-duplicated copies of their mission critical data.
  2. 24*7 Data Protection: With both customers and businesses operating 24*7, there has been a significant increase in data generation. Hence, to protect against any downtime or data loss, organizations will have to look at solutions that offer round the clock protection. In 2020, we will see increased dependency of data protection products that provide real-time backup and automatically shield the primary data set.
  3. Shift towards cost-effective data protection solutions: Cost plays a huge role in determining the data protection strategy for businesses, especially SMBs. With India witnessing a growth in the SMB segment, data protection providers will focus on bringing in more affordable and holistic data protection solutions in the market in 2020.

?In 2019, we saw greater awareness among the Indian businesses around the importance of data protection. However, in 2020, we can expect a marked increase in the number of businesses adopting these solutions,? says Ripu Bajwa, Director & General Manager – Data Protection Solutions, Dell Technologies. ?To stay competitive in the next-data decade, organizations will have to be more agile & forward looking in order to steer far away from external threats. We, at Dell Technologies are aiding organizations to prepare better for any future contingencies by offering innovative & holistic data protection solutions across edge to core to cloud.?


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