IoT malware, encrypted threats and web app attacks rise drastically in Q3, 2019: Study - CIO&Leader
Although Ransomware attacks and Malware volume have dropped but have now become more targeted and...
Nov 13, 2019


Women CIOs break the glass barrier, say mentorship can help  - CIO & Leader
Women CIOs are not as rare as they used to be. Yet, the numbers are still small. Organizations...
Mar 08, 2019
Digital Transformation: The serious textbook for IT managers - CIO&Leader
The book will fulfill the need of of a...
Sep 11, 2018
"CIOs today shouldn't just respond to business requirements" - CIO&Leader
Should CIOs be hired from business? T G...
Jun 06, 2018


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Sunder Madakshira, Head of Marketing, Adobe India shares his perspectives on the importance of customer experience in digital era
Aug 09, 2019



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