The human existential crisis: AI has the potential to tackle climate change - CIO&Leader
AI algorithms can help predict the right mixture of crops to plant to regenerate soil health and...
Oct 17, 2019


Women CIOs break the glass barrier, say mentorship can help  - CIO & Leader
Women CIOs are not as rare as they used to be. Yet, the numbers are still small. Organizations...
Mar 08, 2019
Digital Transformation: The serious textbook for IT managers - CIO&Leader
The book will fulfill the need of of a...
Sep 11, 2018
"CIOs today shouldn't just respond to business requirements" - CIO&Leader
Should CIOs be hired from business? T G...
Jun 06, 2018


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Sunder Madakshira, Head of Marketing, Adobe India shares his perspectives on the importance of customer experience in digital era
Aug 09, 2019



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