Talent shortages biggest barrier to emerging tech adoption: Gartner - CIO&Leader
IT executives cited lack of talent ahead of implementation cost and security risks
Sep 16, 2021


Women comprise 41% of the supply chain workforce: Gartner - CIO&Leader
Lack of career opportunities biggest challenge for retaining midcareer women
Jun 17, 2021
New CIO hiring processes will rank determination and sensitivity as critical personal characteristics in 2021: Gartner - CIO&Leader
Pandemic-induced changes reinforce the...
Jan 06, 2021
Businesses need to foster a culture of cyber resilience to prepare for the new normal: WEF Report - CIO&Leader
Business leaders must focus on...
May 28, 2020


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In an engaging webinar, leading industry cybersecurity leaders along with Microsoft and PwC experts provide useful viewpoints on ways to empower your existing SecOps team to see the threats clearer and eliminate the distractions
Nov 13, 2020



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