2023 SonicWall Report Reveals Surging Cryptojacking and IoT Attacks in India

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so do the tactics employed by cyber threat actors. The 2023 SonicWall Mid-Year Cyber Threat Report sheds light on the changing patterns of malicious attacks, with cyber criminals becoming more cunning and stealthy than ever before. This article explores the key findings from the report and offers insights to help organizational leaders bolster their defenses against the escalating cyber threat landscape.

The growing crypto-jacking menace

SonicWall’s intelligence reveals a staggering 399% increase in global cryptojacking volume, indicating a shift in cybercrime trends. India, however, saw a relatively lesser rise in crypto attacks, but the menace of ransomware and IoT attacks surged dramatically.

The changing face of ransomware

Ransomware remains a persistent threat despite the global decline. In India, ransomware attacks increased by 133%. This emphasizes the need for organizations to stay vigilant and proactive in safeguarding their digital assets. The report highlights a significant spike in ransomware attacks during Q2, suggesting a potential rebound. CIOs and CISOs must stay prepared to tackle this resurgence.

The IoT vulnerability

The rise in IoT attacks globally, particularly in India with a 311% surge, poses severe risks to industries that rely heavily on connected devices. Cybercriminals actively target weak entry points, exploiting IoT vulnerabilities to launch attacks. It becomes crucial for organizations to strengthen their IoT security measures and closely monitor the devices connected to their networks.

The stealthy encrypted threats

Another concerning development is the growing adoption of encrypted threats by bad actors. These attacks climbed by 22% globally, presenting a unique challenge for cybersecurity professionals. Encrypted threats are harder to detect, making it imperative for CIOs and CISOs to employ advanced security solutions that can effectively detect and mitigate such attacks.

Diversified cyberattack strategies

The report points to a diversification in cyberattack strategies employed by threat actors. From targeting critical infrastructure to state-sponsored activity, the range of victims has expanded to include SMBs, government entities, and enterprises. This underscores the importance of adopting a multi-layered security approach, proactive threat intelligence, and employee security awareness training.


The 2023 SonicWall Mid-Year Cyber Threat Report serves as a wake-up call for CIOs and CISOs, underscoring the need for continuous vigilance and proactive cybersecurity measures. With cybercriminals diversifying their attack strategies, organizations must remain prepared to defend against the evolving threat landscape. Implementing robust security protocols, leveraging advanced threat intelligence, and adopting innovative technologies like RTDMI will enable organizations to build strong defenses against the rising tide of cyberattacks. By staying ahead of the curve, CIOs and CISOs can protect their enterprises, customers, and stakeholders from potential digital assaults and ensure a secure and resilient future.


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