Aurionpro Solutions continues its strong growth trajectory

Aurionpro Solutions Limited announced its audited financial results for the quarter and year ended. The Company has posted strong YoY performance and this trend sets the stage for next year’s performance.

The Board has also approved the proposal of issuance of Bonus Shares in the ratio of 1:1 and has recommended the dividend of INR 2.5 per equity share.

Mr. Ashish Rai, Vice-Chairman & CEO said “We are pleased to report another year of continuing strong growth for fiscal year 2024. Revenue growth at 35% came in at the high end of our guidance while earnings growth substantially exceeded the high end, pointing to the strong momentum in demand for our offerings as well as stellar execution by the team in scaling up to meet the demand. This performance reinforces our confidence in the firm’s chosen longer term strategy and our ability to successfully execute against it. The sustained growth momentum across all major business lines highlights the strength and market relevance of our portfolio. It is especially rewarding to note that this year marks the third successive year where we have exceeded the year-on-year growth rate of 30%. We expect to continue our growth momentum in FY25, delivering revenue growth of 30-35%, while keeping EBITDA and PAT margins at similar levels.”

As we acknowledge these significant accomplishments, our focus will continue to be on driving innovation, enhancing our delivery capabilities and leveraging the exceptionally strong demand environment to add significant value to our clients and to the Aurionpro shareholders. We sincerely appreciate the confidence and commitment of our employees, customers, and partners who have been with us and continue to support us on this journey of transformation and growth.

For Banking and Fintech segment, we have transitioned from the phase of rebuilding the portfolio into moving aggressively to capitalise on the strong demand for our offerings. The notable growth in this segment, especially in second half of the year is a direct result of our strategic investments in building new products, significantly expanding sales channels and forging key partnerships within the wider ecosystem. Our efforts have yielded some remarkable wins in this segment, including multi-year, multi-million-dollar opportunities of a scale we haven’t executed before. These successes have positioned us well to drive expansion in Asia as well as globally, with a particular focus in the next few years to expand into financial institutions in US and Europe.

The growth in TIG segment continues to remain strong, with significant growth in Transit Payments as well as Hybrid Cloud and Data Center business. We believe strongly in the transformation taking force across the world in adoption of open loop payments and we will remain focused on significantly expanding our offerings and our global reach in this space. The strategic partnerships with Mastercard and Vix demonstrate the global effectiveness of our cutting edge stack while significantly enhancing our impact in new markets. We will continue to nurture strategic, win-win partnerships in this space across the world.

In addition to our organic growth initiatives, we have strategically pursued key acquisitions to enhance our offerings and address specific gaps in our strategic blueprint. Our recent acquisition in the AI space allows us to combine Aurionpro’s portfolio of industry-leading enterprise software with one of the most mature Enterprise AI platforms tailored to the needs of banks and insurers. This strategic move will allow us to make a significant play in shaping the adoption of AI in Banks and Insurers globally both directly as well as through our ecosystem partnerships.

We are today one of the handful of global vendors with a strong portfolio of mission critical enterprise software as well as a portfolio of products, IP and deep expertise in application of AI use cases in the enterprise. We will continue to invest significantly over the next year and beyond into creating an AI first enterprise stack that will allow us to significantly expand the value we can create for our clients and further accelerate our growth trajectory.

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