ChatGPT to make a huge impact on the contact center operations: Ozonetel

ChatGPT technology can revolutionize how businesses engage with their customers, but it also comes with its own challenges and considerations.

Ozonetel, a cloud-based contact center solution provider believes that integrating ChatGPT into contact centers represents a transformative step towards enhancing customer engagement and optimizing business processes. The Telangana headquartered company has incorporated AI-enabled ChatGPT in its solutions and planning to expand its portfolio with more such offerings.

“This integration will completely transform AI orchestration in contact centers. With our ChatGPT solution, we’re helping companies intelligently audit contact center and agent performance, build self-evolving knowledge repositories, and create agent-facing AI that helps resolve queries faster and personalize conversations more effectively.  The results will impact contact center performance, speed of response, customer satisfaction, and customer engagement.”- Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Product Officer at Ozonetel.

The implications of integrating ChatGPT into enterprises are profound. This technology is poised to transform AI orchestration within contact centers, offering benefits encompassing various aspects of business operations. With the implementation of ChatGPT, companies can intelligently audit contact center and agent performance, build self-evolving knowledge repositories, and create agent-facing AI to personalize conversations and resolve queries more efficiently. Chaitanya believes that this integration can potentially improve contact center performance, enhance the speed of response, boost customer satisfaction, and elevate customer engagement to new heights.”

Addressing challenges around data accuracy and reliability

According to Chaitanya, the driver for such solutions is the increasing need of businesses to provide exceptional user experience by enhancing customer interactions, streamlining processes, and optimizing performance. However, organizations also have concerns about data poisoning and faulty predictions. To address these concerns, a hybrid approach is being adopted. This approach combines the capabilities of AI with human oversight, ensuring that data accuracy is maintained while guarding against manipulation and potential errors. 

Chaitanya said, “Think of it as a hybrid model where you augment human capabilities and enhance productivity but where the ultimate accountability lies with humans. Another approach is to control the context by first doing a semantic search and then passing the context to ChatGPT. With this approach, the hallucinations reduce a lot.”

While the potential benefits are promising, concerns about data poisoning and faulty predictions must be addressed. It’s crucial to recognize that we are still in the early stages of the AI era. To mitigate risks, the focus remains on maintaining a strong human-AI partnership. This partnership ensures that humans have ultimate control over the data, preventing data poisoning and faulty predictions. Regular evaluations and guardrails are implemented to maintain accountability and oversight.

The outlook

The outlook for ChatGPT-enabled conversational tools in the industry is promising. These solutions have the potential to enhance customer experience and business outcomes significantly. Success stories include AI-enabled quality audits, actionable advice for agents, and neural search for knowledge management. However, challenges persist. Valid data privacy concerns and the limitations of current technology models, which can still produce incorrect answers, need to be acknowledged. It’s crucial to approach ChatGPT with cautious optimism, recognizing that human supervision is paramount and ongoing monitoring is essential to mitigate potential risks.

The technology models must improve as they still “hallucinate” or give wrong answers. Besides, companies cannot control or make them speak a certain way. For all its potential, we believe that ChatGPT must be used under human supervision. –  Chaitanya added.

By leveraging AI capabilities while maintaining human oversight, enterprises can harness the benefits of improved performance, personalized interactions, and enhanced knowledge management. However, a balanced approach that acknowledges challenges and ensures robust security measures is essential, as with any technological advancement. The success of ChatGPT-enabled tools in the industry lies in recognizing their potential within human collaboration and utilizing them as a valuable asset in the pursuit of exceptional customer experiences.

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