Cloud Complexity Challenges Impacting 98% of Senior IT Leaders

NetApp’s recent Cloud Complexity Report states that the increasing complexity of cloud technology is impacting 98% of senior IT leaders, causing challenges related to IT performance, cost optimization, and business growth. As companies accelerate their adoption of cloud technology and innovation to remain competitive, IT leaders are under pressure to manage multiple priorities such as cybersecurity and cost optimization. This has led many to reconsider how they approach efficiency and security in the new cloud environment.

The study highlights that the technical challenges of working across cloud environments, such as data mobility and interoperability, are cited as the biggest hurdles by most tech executives. In addition, half of the executives face leadership-level challenges, such as the lack of a clear vision for their cloud strategy and inadequate leadership buy-in. Cost concerns are also a frequent topic of discussion during cloud strategy discussions, with 49% of tech executives reporting that they come up often or all the time.

The report identifies that data complexity has reached a tipping point for companies globally, and tech executives need to simplify it to leverage it as a business growth driver. Challenges vary by market, but data mobility, cloud strategy vision, security risks, and cost are the top concerns worldwide, with India being an exception. Nearly eight in ten tech executives cite ESG outcomes as critical to their cloud strategy, with ROI being a concern among leadership.

Looking forward, over a third of tech executives plan to use AI-driven applications to support half or more of their cloud deployments in the next year. Smaller companies are more bullish in their AI-driven deployment plans, with 63% expecting to reach the 50% mark by 2030. Scaling AI is the top priority for APAC, behind meeting regulatory compliance



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