Cloud-native capabilities are tempting Indian businesses to migrate workloads…

  • 78% of cloud adopters report high to moderate Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) usage. 
  • aPaaS is witnessing significant adoption in India amongst 56% of the respondents, with 54% evaluating it via PoCs. 

The latest State of Technology Survey by CIO&Leader reveals a significant shift in the operational dynamics of Indian businesses as cloud-native practices gain robust momentum. With 78% of adopters reporting high to moderate usage of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), the trend is clear: Indian enterprises are rapidly embracing the cloud.

Further delving into the details, the survey finds a notable rise in adopting Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) among 56% of respondents, with a proactive 54% engaging in Proof of Concepts (PoCs) to evaluate its potential. These numbers reflect a growing inclination towards cloud-native capabilities, nudging businesses to migrate workloads that were traditionally rooted in on-premises or co-location settings.

This surge in cloud adoption is being fueled by a concerted push for digital transformation, a quest for innovation, and the desire to enhance customer experiences. Integrating advanced technologies like AI accelerates this momentum, allowing businesses to reap substantial benefits as their cloud deployments mature. 

In this evolving scenario, cloud-native architectures, containerization, microservices, and the implementation of DevOps practices are increasingly commonplace, with 60% of respondents adopting these modern IT strategies. Furthermore, 58% have embraced DevSecOps, signaling a commitment to integrating security into the development process.

Adopters are not just embracing the cloud but are also strategically managing it. A significant 65% have established central cloud management systems, and 56% are utilizing cloud automation at a high or moderate level. This indicates a desire for control and visibility across environments, not limited to the cloud alone.

Despite the cloud’s growing appeal, the survey underscores a cautious approach towards full migration. Many workloads, specifically in functions like ERP, SCM, and HR, still reside in traditional or co-location environments. About 55% of these enterprise workloads remain on-premises, with private clouds hosting 38% and public clouds 32%.

The survey also highlights sectors ideally suited for cloud environments, such as application development and testing. Here, a surprising 66% of respondents continue with traditional methods, while only 36% use public clouds and 28% use private clouds.

Interestingly, Indian businesses increasingly recognize the cloud’s utility in managing unpredictability, particularly in e-commerce applications. Here, public cloud platforms are preferred by 50% of respondents, closely followed by on-premises solutions at 46%.

In summary, the CIO&Leader’s State of Technology Survey paints a picture of an industry in transition, balancing traditional IT practices with the strategic adoption of cloud solutions. As Indian businesses navigate this digital transformation, the cloud emerges as a technological shift and a catalyst for comprehensive business evolution.

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