Cygnet Digital brings all offerings under one roof by rebranding to Cygnet. One enters new markets

Cygnet.One is consolidating its offerings to enable seamless, integrated business process transformation for customers and partners. Envisions to be one of the top 3 leaders in the tax technology space within India

Formerly Cygnet Digital, the 24-year-old organization has rebranded itself to align with customers’ needs and enable the tech-powered transformation to drive efficiency.

 Business process digital transformation company Cygnet Digital has rebranded itself as CYGNET.ONE to help consolidate its products, services, and solutions offerings.

With this consolidated portfolio of offerings, CYGNET.ONE will help organizations tackle industry challenges through business process transformation centered on cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Niraj Hutheesing, founder and managing director of CYGNET.ONE said, “Every step, every innovation at CYGNET.ONE strives towards a future where technology converges with human creativity, emotions, and intuitive intelligence. We aim to unlock the power of the human mind through out-of-the-box ideation until last-mile execution for solving organizational challenges.”

With this rebranding, CYGNET.ONE brings all its specialized offerings, such as compliance transformations, digital and quality engineering, enterprise modernization, data, AI & analytics hyper-automation, test automation, e-signing, and more, under one roof. Cygnet envisions to be one of the top 3 leaders in the tax technology space within India.

Since the inception of GST in 2017, Cygnet has been a key enabler for India’s compliance journey, providing essential support and solutions for businesses navigating the complexities of tax regulations. This foundation serves as the cornerstone for Cygnet’s aspiration to emerge as a global compliance leader, particularly in the realm of e-invoicing on a global scale.

To expand its services business and enhance in-house expertise, Cygnet is actively seeking partnerships in the tech sector, particularly with ERP and CRM providers. In a strategic move to accelerate growth, Cygnet aims to establish dynamic partnerships with industry-leading hyperscalers such as AWS, Azure, and Oracle, solidifying its position at the forefront of innovation and scalability. These collaborations will not only broaden Cygnet’s service offerings but also deepen its knowledge base, allowing for more comprehensive and effective solutions for clients. With deep roots in product engineering and unparalleled expertise in SAP testing, bots, and more, we stand as the foremost consultants, renowned for our ability to architect ideal solutions.

Founded in 2000, the Ahmedabad-based IT firm has grown exponentially in the last 24 years. From a small office in Ahmedabad, Cygnet has emerged as a leading partner for business process transformation with a presence in more than ten countries and is strategically expanding its presence to African countries, the APAC region, and Europe, broadening its global footprint and enhancing its reach to diverse markets. Cygnet’s revenue has exceeded USD 25 million, growing almost three times in the past five years. With a plan for 30% year-on-year growth, the company is poised for significant expansion.

With the world of technology rapidly evolving, Cygnet embraced AI to meet the industry’s changing demands. It has expanded its horizons to build solutions such as HR Automation tools, Tech Due Diligence, AI-based ETL tools, and more.

“AI will significantly impact businesses, and we are prepared to help our customers make that leap. Our offerings will enable a seamless transition, all while adopting the latest technologies,” Abhijit Sen added, VP Head of Architecture and Innovation at Cygnet.One.

Cygnet’s solutions, services, and other products will help organizations deploy AI across their value chains to reap the benefits of the technology. In HR, AI-driven tools streamline recruitment, improve employee engagement, and optimize talent management processes. Tech Due Diligence powered by AI enhances decision-making processes, accelerates M&A activities, and mitigates risks. With AI data converters, businesses can unlock valuable insights from their data, driving innovation and informed decision-making.

Hutheesing said, “From North America to Europe, UK & Africa, from Asia Pacific to the Middle East, our local expertise, combined with a global perspective, enables organizations around the world to navigate cultural nuances and regulatory landscapes easily.”

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