Eleven nonprofits receive Kyndryl Foundation grants to advance cybersecurity skills and resilience

Kyndryl Foundation’s inaugural grants aim to grow an inclusive cybersecurity workforce and make nonprofits more resilient from cyberattacks.

Kyndryl Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Kyndryl, announced that 11 nonprofits from seven countries have been chosen to receive its first year’s grants.

The grantees chosen to receive the inaugural Kyndryl Foundation Grants are organizations that address the shortage of trained cybersecurity professionals by providing skills and placement programs for underrepresented learners and job seekers.

This year’s grants also support nonprofits’ cyber resiliency through education and consulting. The duration for all the grants is one year.

Launched in September 2023, Kyndryl Foundation is a private, nonprofit foundation established by Kyndryl, the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider. The Foundation delivers trust-based philanthropic grants for community development programs.

“Kyndryl Foundation aims to create a more equitable world by enabling access to technology and building skillsets for communities and organizations. As we witness increasing cybersecurity threats, our partnership with the grantees will help expand the pipeline of diverse and skilled talent, while also equipping organizations to become more cyber resilient,” said Una Pulizzi, Kyndryl Foundation President and Kyndryl Global Head of Corporate Affairs.

“We are excited to work with this year’s group of nonprofits who share our commitment to driving innovative programs to address important societal issues,” he added.

The Inaugural Grantees:

Category #1: Growing an Inclusive Cybersecurity Workforce

  • Alba Regia Műszaki Felsőoktatásért Alapítvány (Hungary): Alba Regia Műszaki Felsőoktatásért Alapítvány promotes culture, education, and skills development in technology, intending to support students in achieving higher education in tech and cybersecurity. 
  • CodePath (USA): CodePath is reprogramming higher education to create a diverse generation of engineers, CTOs, and founders. They deliver industry-vetted courses and career support centered on the needs of Black, Latino/a, Indigenous and low-income students.
  • Czechitas (Czech Republic): Czechitas operates nationwide to bring diversity to the IT industry and foster digital proficiency in women and the new generation.
  • Data Security Council of India (DSCI) (India): DSCI is an industry body on data protection, committed to making cyberspace safe, secure, and trusted by establishing best practices, standards, and initiatives in cybersecurity and privacy. 
  • Girl Security (USA): Girl Security works towards promoting cybersecurity career paths for girls, women, and gender minorities aged 14 to 26 from underrepresented communities.
  • NPower(USA): NPower aims to create a diverse workforce by launching digital career opportunities for underserved young adults and military veterans, helping them succeed in the digital economy and enabling economic prosperity.
  • NPO Sodateage Net (Japan): NPO Sodateage Net aims to support the economic independence of young adults through a diverse range of employment support programs, awareness activities, career guidance and parental support.

Category #2: Preparing Nonprofits to be Cyberattack-smart

  • Avsi Polska (Poland): AVSI Polska, associated with the AVSI Foundation (Association of Volunteers for the International Service), works to improve the economic and social conditions of people through human capital development.
  • NPO Support Center (Japan): The NPO Support Center aims to address critical societal issues by creating a bridge between important stakeholders, including nonprofits, governments, corporations, and foundations.
  • Sdružení VIA (Czech Republic): Sdružení VIA works towards connecting technology to socially beneficial activities to create a more equitable world.
  • University of Technology Sydney (UTS) (Australia): UTS is a leading public university of technology, recognized for its global impact. Through its strength in industry partnership, UTS strives to be at the forefront of technology and innovation.
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