Empower Teams for Seamless Collaboration

A critical need facing most enterprises is to keep globally diverse teams often spanning locations, time zones, languages, generations, and even organizations, connected securely and on the same page. The dramatic shift to remote work to maintain business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic while keeping employees connected and productive, even as they work apart from their colleagues, partners, and customers, has brought its own set of challenges. For IT leaders, the priority task hence is enabling seamless and secure remote team collaboration at all times.

What you need is a hub for teamwork where people can call, meet, chat, and collaborate all in one place. A platform for rich meetings and calling capabilities that allows people to securely connect with others inside and outside their organization within the context of the files and conversations can boost enterprise productivity tremendously.

In an engaging webinar hosted by CIO&Leader, Microsoft speakers, Mitesh, Shiv and Ishita, along with Godrej speakers, Naresh Parab, Head – Sales & Marketing, Kanchankumar K, AV Design Architect and Amitabh Mohan, Solution Manager – Collaboration Business provide insights on how Godrej AV Solutions provide appropriate platforms for your varied needs – be it 1:1 meeting & Calls, Group meetings, or large virtual events? a seamless, consistent experience, and superior audio and video quality.

Watch the video to know more!

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