Generative AI in Mobile Messaging to Reach $11bn by 2028 for Marketing Personalization

A new study from Juniper Research, the foremost expert in telecommunications markets, found that enterprise spending on generative AI over mobile messaging channels will grow by 1,250% over the next four years, from $830 million in 2024. It predicts that the ability to automate the personalization of content, including marketing efforts and customer interactions over chatbots, will be the key driver for this substantial future growth.

Generative AI is a subset of artificial intelligence and, when applied to mobile messaging, creates new features, including summarising conversations, powering chatbots, and generating hyper-personalized content for mobile marketing campaigns.

Enterprises Must Avoid Siloed Approach to Generative AI

To maximize the impact of generative AI on omnichannel strategies, the report urges messaging vendors to apply generative AI across all rich media messaging channels, including chatbots and RCS (Rich Communications Services). In doing so, omnichannel strategies will benefit from unifying customer experiences over different channels.

The research predicts Apple’s announced support for RCS via iOS devices this year will drive the global number of active RCS users to 2.9 billion by 2028. Over 40% of generative AI spend in mobile messaging will be attributable to RCS by 2028, owing to its media-rich nature and ability to be included in native messaging applications.

Research author Molly Gatford noted: “Implementing generative AI into omnichannel strategies will provide enterprises with a route to secure a return on investment. Creating personalized marketing campaigns will enable mobile messaging to become viable sales channels, competing with established online apps and brick-and-mortar stores for revenue.”

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