HCLTech launches FlexSpace 5G to redefine digital workplace 

Partners with Verizon Business to provide an efficient and secure workplace  experience 

HCLTech, a global technology company, launched FlexSpace 5G, an advanced digital workplace experience-as-a-service that boosts efficiency and security for global businesses. 

Powered by Verizon’s secure, reliable network and HCLTech’s best-in-class hardware partnerships, this offering significantly upgrades HCLTech FlexSpace, which supports the entire workplace experience value chain. It enables a smooth transition to a digital workplace for all employees, whether at the desk, remotely, on the go, or the frontline. 

HCLTech FlexSpace 5G carries unique benefits for businesses. 

• It provides ‘Experience-as-a-service’ to support end-to-end device life cycle  management. 

• It extends mobility for enterprise users in the hybrid work model, going beyond Wi-Fi. • It provides fast and more dependable connectivity, proving advantageous for various sectors, including financial services, technology, life sciences, healthcare, telecom,  media, and entertainment. 

• It assuages data security worries for users working remotely. 

“With HCLTech FlexSpace 5G, powered by our strategic partner Verizon Business, we aim to provide our clients with a fluid, hybrid, and sustainable future of work that fosters collaboration, productivity, and innovation,” said Rakshit Ghura, Senior Vice President and  Global Head of Digital Workplace Services, HCLTech. 

“We continue to make significant investments in our network in order to support solutions such as these, which enable employees to work virtually wherever they need to connect, be that in an airport, a client’s office or on the road,” said Jonathan Nikols, Head of Global  Enterprise Americas, Verizon Business. “Connected devices on our network also provide our  customers with additional peace of mind due to the enhanced, built-in security inherent to  the Verizon network, a significant improvement over public Wi-Fi.” 

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